Monday, June 13, 2011

A New Beginning

So, after much thought and deliberation, I've decided to start a blog. I never thought I had time for a blog, but there are so many wonderful blogs that my fellow Etsians manage, I feel like I'm missing out on all the fun.  Now, while I don't think I'm the most creative writer in the world, I do have a lot to say and see a lot of wonderful things that I would like to share.

Now, a little bit about myself.  I'm 31 years old, married with 1 son (almost 2) and 2 step-daughters (14 and 8).  I work full time at a trucking company as the Central Orders Supervisor and (my favorite title of all) International Ops Coordinator.  That 2nd title really doesn't mean a thing at all, but it makes me sound fancy. :)  My job is crazy, hectic, stressful, and mind-numbing all at the same time, but I secretly love it.  I manage a great group of ladies and we have a blast even if we work long hours, only leaving our desks for potty breaks and to make our lunches. 

When I'm not working, I'm creating something.  I love to make things pretty.  I love color, putting colors together, making a mess and not cleaning it up and the satisfaction that comes from creating something with my own 2 hands. I come from an incredibly long line of wonderfully creative people and hope to pass this down to my son and step-daughters.  I love all types of crafting, my speciality being crochet.  I find it as a great source of therapy and comfort...even more now that I have started to sell my creations.  I started my Etsy shop in November of 2010 and found great success right off the bat.

Every day I'm inspired by my fellow Etsians and their talent.  I am utterly jealous of those that have found great success in their shops and now do what they love as a full time job.  I'll get there one day...I just know it...

I have a million ideas for posts so I promise that I will keep things exciting. For now, take some time to check things out. Check out my Etsy Shop and we'll talk more soon.


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  2. Hello....New follower from Etsy. Very cute shop and great blog as well. I love finding new blogs to read and follow;)